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"I would recommend Bekah's services to any new or seasoned mom. She has an amazing amount of experience and a vast amount of knowledge that will support you and your family along the way."
~Meg, parent

Parenting is the most rewarding but the most difficult challenge we face. Most parents don't have an education in child development and all of these new stages are a bit of a mystery. As parents, we are always looking to see what is 'normal' and compare with our friends' experiences to feel a bit more secure in our own parenting process. If you're looking for answers in real-time, and some guidance to support you along the way, reach out for a consult or to just ask a question!

I have taken on a variety of roles in my career including teaching children ages infants to kindergarten, being a child care center director and supporting the Early Education field through quality development. For more than 20 years, I have guided children and families through challenges big and small.

I continue to support families as they navigate through the developmental stages that flow in childhood. I'm here to help each family in those challenging moments that are seen regularly. Tantrums, biting, sleep training, introducing new foods, allergies and more!! As parents, there are so many questions that we work through meeting each child's need. And each of our children are different! So, we may find that we face a new challenge with a second, third of fourth child that we didn't have with our earlier ones!

Picture this: It's 8 pm and your wet & naked toddler, fresh out of the tub, is spinning in circles in the hallway as you try to wrestle pj's on. The baby is fussing and it's time to nurse again. Here comes the 4 year old, with an arm-full of books to read, and drops then in the midst of the unplanned evening hallway family meeting. Sound familiar?

Maybe it's the constant 'NO!' that your Preschooler yells at you, or the picky eater who makes every meal time a fight and makes you pull your hair out!

Stop the cycle of unnecessary stress and start enjoying your day! Services include, but are not limited to, help with troubleshooting and problem solving, listening to the worries and brainstorming solutions. The solution is a real-life way to create harmony and a relaxing and enjoyable time with your family. We'll lay out a plan for self-care, parenting recovery, and find answers to those 'is my child normal?' questions. Let's talk resources and ways to make your life easier while you enjoy these short-lived years of early childhood. These services are personalized and may last anywhere from a quick consult, a few days or a few months.

Over 20 years of Experience

Healthy child development, biting, potty training, typical developmental milestones, choosing child care that meets your parenting philosophy, tantrums, sleeping (or really, lack of sleeping!), teething and more! Let's chat about what you are facing in this age & stage and get through it together!






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