Bekah of Kist Baby Doula and Family Support has been a wealth of information that I can rely and trust as a new mom of a 10 month old baby boy. She has offered advice on when it was appropriate to switch pacifier sizes and the different options available. She helped my child’s immediate and long term health and guided me through the indecisiveness of new motherhood.
Bekah had also provided resources and information about breastfeeding, nutrition, and how to advocate for my child’s needs when it comes to allergy concerns. It took 4 months to determine the right formula for my son who wasn’t gaining weight and was diagnosed with failure to thrive. Bekah offered support around speaking to our pediatrician about my concerns even if I was told that’s just what babies do. In my case, it didn’t feel normal. Bekah reminded me frequently to trust in my mother’s intuition and get a second opinion. I can now happily say after receiving the advice from Bekah, we did get a second opinion. We worked with a GI specialist and my son is now a happy, health and very tall boy.
I would recommend Bekah’s services to any new or seasoned mom. She has an amazing amount of experience and a vast amount of knowledge that will support you and your family along the way.