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"During the Zoom there is a lot of information that is given. I really like the model
that Bekah gave on a few of the presentations and would suggest that the same method be used for all subscales."
~ERS Training Participant

Teaching young children is so rewarding but often we face many challenges along the way. Even with education in child development, adapting care for each individual child can be a bit of a mystery. As teachers, we are always looking to see what is 'typical development' and we work so hard to connect with the families we care for. Always juggling and not enough hours in the day to do everything before the end of your shift. If you're looking for answers to daily challenges in real-time, and some guidance to support you along the way, reach out for a consult or to just ask a question!

I have taken on a variety of roles in my career including teaching children ages infants to kindergarten, being a child care center director for more than a decade and supporting the Early Education field through quality development. From Family child care in a home setting to center based, corporate and non-profit, the challenges we face are often the same. For more than 20 years, I have guided children and families through challenges big and small.

I continue to support Early Childhood teachers as they navigate through the developmental stages that flow in childhood. I'm here to help each classroom in those challenging moments that are seen regularly. Tantrums, biting, sleep troubles, balancing individualized care, meeting each child's growth and challenging their development, emergency planning and more!! As providers, there are so many questions that we work through meeting each family's need. And each of the children are different! So, we may find that we face a new challenge with changing times that we haven't seen before!

Hear what Teachers in NH are saying about Trainings with Bekah!

"After my training I am going to change my approach to curriculum to meet the kids where they are at to help them bloom more."

"My favorite take-away is validation of what I have been trying in my classroom!"

"I highly recommend Bekah Kistler. She has been to our center a few times for our staff development days. All the staff really enjoy her trainings!"

"I am excited to learn more about setting up my classroom to meet the needs of my students and using the Environment as the third teacher."

"After our training I will focus on nurturing and responsive relationships first and how curriculum is built into my interactions."

"My favorite take away is the little anecdotes and real-life uses."

Stop the cycle of burn-out, unnecessary stress and start enjoying the magic of early childhood again! Services include, but are not limited to, help with troubleshooting and problem solving, listening to the worries and of course we will brainstorm solutions that work for you. The end result is a real-life way to create harmony and a relaxing and enjoyable time in your classroom. We'll lay out a plan for self-care, burn-out recovery, and find answers to all of those questions. Let's talk resources and ways to make your life easier while you enjoy the early childhood years. These services are personalized and can last anywhere from a quick chat or long-term program consult, or a personalized training for your staff on a topic of your interest.

Over 20 years of Experience

Healthy child development, biting, potty training, typical developmental milestones, choosing child care that meets your parenting philosophy, tantrums, sleeping (or really, lack of sleeping!), teething and more! Let's chat about what you are facing in this age & stage and get through it together!


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